Senior Surveyor

Capt. Fang Chia-hsing is an accomplished Marine Surveyor, Marine Superintendent and Internal Auditor having sea-going experience of more than 20 years. He graduated from National Kaohsiung Marine University and has been serving as Master Mariner for 34 years. He also served as Port Captain, Manager of Shipping and Deputy ISM manager. He also obtained High Speed Craft license from Taiwan Ministry of Communications and was in charge for monitoring & crew training for High Speed Craft. Mr. Fang, as an IHM expert, has good training, qualifications knowledge and experience to perform IHM Surveys. He is the in charge of superintendent service, ISM/ISPS/MLC internal audit, IHM survey, P&I condition survey and other types of marine survey for HDUM in Taiwan.

Key Surveying Expertise:

  • Loading Survey for Heavy and Steel Cargo
  • Ship Condition Survey
  • ISM/ISPS/MLC Internal Audit
  • Ship Hull and Machinery Damage (Repair) Survey
  • Third-party Marine Investigations
  • Container/Cargo Damage Survey
  • IHM Survey