GUO Dongsheng
Senior Surveyor

Guo Dongsheng is the technical superintendent and in charge of IHM, ISM/ISPS/MLC Internal audit, P&I condition and all other types of marine surveys for HDUM in Dalian, Mainland China. He graduated from Dalian Maritime University and having sailing experience as Chief Engineer for 22 years. In addition to that he served as technical superintendent in COSCO Dalian Shipyard and Chi-Ocean Shipping for more than 10 years. His extensive seagoing experience integrated with senior managerial positions onshore enabled him to be an accomplished marine surveyor.

Key Surveying Expertise:

  • Superintendent Service
  • Ship Condition Surveys
  • ISM/ISPS/MLC Internal Audit
  • Ship Hull and Machinery Damage (Repair) Survey
  • Third-party Marine Investigations
  • Container/Cargo damage Surveys
  • IHM Survey